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HYPERBRAWL TOURNAMENT is the third IP developed by Milky Tea. First announced back in March at GDC 17, the game has gained considerable interest from the gaming world over the past few months during exhibitions at games trade and consumer events including; GDC, E3, EGX and Insomnia.

HYPERBRAWL TOURNAMENT, the most intense SPORT BRAWLER game you’ve ever played! Assemble your team of formidable warriors, arm them with game-changing weapons and compete to become the Galaxy’s greatest hero!

HYPERBRAWL TOURNAMENT fuses ‘no-rules’, hyper speed handball with brutal player-versus-player combat. Challenge your friends or the A.I in intense 1v1 or 2v2 local or online conflicts.

Only HYPERBRAWL TOURNAMENT gathers the greatest warriors from across time and space and pits them against each other in a visceral and brutal sport. Select your hero and match with a unique weapon to create a formidable combatant, distinctly suited to your play style.

We are currently working to bring HyperBrawl Tournament to Steam and console, scheduled for release in 2019. For more information on HyperBrawl take a look at the following links:

HyperBrawl Tournament on Steam:
HyperBrawl Tournament Twitter: @HyperBrawl

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